Our Team

  • Ryan Peterson

    Executive Vice President

    I am crazy in love with my wife and sons and would rather be with them than anywhere else. Originally a New Englander, I now call Pennsylvania home since it has been good to me (despite inconsistent snowfall). The best days are being with Jody and the boys preferably outdoors or traveling somewhere new. I love my church, excellent coffee, cigars, working in the yard (trying to convince myself and others that it is a farm), and reading. I am a regular at local restaurants, a mediocre runner, proud American, and aspiring beekeeper.

  • Dawn Chitwood

    SVP - Operations

    Atlanta is home to me and my family, whom I love dearly. When I’m not enjoying time with them, I’m super involved with my church, and when I take breaks from making sure all parts and processes of The Specialty Group are working together properly, I love to travel. Especially if the road leads me in the direction of a beach (former Florida native). I have yet to hear a good reason as to why we can’t set up an oceanfront office. Anyone?

  • Clint Casabella

    SVP - Strategy

    Hailing from the great Commonwealth of Kentucky – Bourbon, Horses, and Basketball are in my blood. I am relentlessly competitive (don’t invite me to game night), love to learn, and enjoy good books (I’m open to recommendations). My first, most important, and favorite job is being a husband to my wife and doting father to my four wonderful children. They are the best gifts I could ever receive. Outside of work, whatever my hands find to do, I want them there with me!

  • Brandon Rogers

    Senior Sales Executive

    I am a native Texan living outside of Philadelphia, smitten by my wife and three kids who are a constant reminder of grace. I am a collector of life stories shared over bourbon and backyard fires, and I take revenge on Philly winters by slow-cooking large quantities of meat on my barbecue pit and building all things wooden when it’s warmer. You are invited to join me in any of the above if you’re ever in the neighborhood.

  • Michael Grier

    Business Process Manager

    I like cupcakes, art, and real estate…in that order. Sticky Notes are my best friend. My art gallery of sticky notes is a testament to my focus on conference calls. While I’m not designing business processes and cartoon characters, I am playing Street Fighter, gambling my life savings away, and trying not to let my younger siblings give me high blood pressure. Did I mention that I like cupcakes?

  • Taquia Brown

    Relationship Manager

    I am a mom and a musician. I have been playing the trombone for 20 years. Whenever I get a chance, I love to get on stage with my old band buddies and rock out. I am also an avid “puzzler” and often frame them when finished.

  • Walker Smith

    Client Support Specialist

    Most of the time my hand has a firm grip around the handle of a coffee pot, though outside of work I enjoy setting down my coffee to try different types of craft beers. Time on the water or creating something with my own hands are what I find most relaxing, and I am most joyful when I am traveling or being present with friends and family. When I can combine any of those things, that’s when life is at its best.